Can Over The Counter Drugs Cause A False Positive For Use Of Meth?
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Can Over The Counter Drugs Cause A False Positive For Use Of Meth?

Are there any over the counter drugs that could possibly cause a false positive result for meth use in a urinalysis test? Also if you know of any reputable sources of literature that can provide me with more details about illegal drugs (cocaine, meth, etc.), the effects on the body and over the counter substances that can cause false positive results, I would appreciate it. Thank you

Asked on Mar 9, 2011Improve / edit this question

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Vicki Perry   L3: Expert   41 answers   +13 votes
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Yes, there are.  There are a few, actually.  Any of the over the counter drugs normally taken for colds can contain elements that tend to show up as a false positive for meth.  The components of cold medication that consist of phenopropanolamine and ephedrine can produce the false readings of a drug test. 

When it comes to what illegal drugs can do to your body, my suggestion here would be for you to research the subject on or a type of medical website such as this.  They are dependable, reliable and reputable in the way of sources.  There are other over the counter substances that can produce false positive results.  Even something as simple as ibuprofen can give false positives for marijuana, even in low doses. 

There are too many substances that can produce a false positive to list here, but I have written an article on the subject and it will hopefully be edited and published in the next few hours.  Maybe that can give you more answers to your questions.  ?


Posted on Mar 10, 2011

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